Benefits of Block Paving, Tarmac or Patterned Concrete

There are many benefits to resurfacing your driveway or garden with block paving or paving slabs, patterned concrete or tarmac. When installed properly, the solid surface provides an attractive and hardwearing surface. There are a wide range of great quality products offering various design and colours, which are suitable for all budgets. In addition to choice a solid surface is very low maintenance.

The benefits of a hardwearing surface:

• Add value to your property
• Improve the appearance of your property
• Durable with minimum maintenance
• Complements traditional and contemporary architecture

Why should I have a block paving?

• A block paved driveway gives you low maintenance
• A block paved driveway is attractive
• A block paved driveway is durable
• A block paved driveway is individually designed for a unique touch
• A block paved driveway adds depth, texture and colour to your property
• A block paving driveway can mix traditional and modern styles
• A block paving driveway adds instant appeal

Why should I have a decorative slab patio?

• Decorative slabs are low maintenance
• Decorative slabs are attractive
• A Decorative slab patio will enhance your home and garden
• A Decorative slab patio will allow you to make the most of your garden
• With a wide range of styles and finishes a patio can suit any style of home, old or new
• The best place for the barbecue
• Instantly add appeal
• Alternatively for a less expensive but equally attractive appearance use block paving, either smooth or rumbled

Why should I have patterned concrete?

• Virtually maintenance free with no weeds or moss
• Permanent colour and texture
• Does not sink or spread
• Cost effective and rapid installation
• Huge choice of colours and unique designs

Why should I have tarmac or asphalt?

• Easy to install and very quick to lay
• Long lasting and incredibly strong and durable
• Cheap and easy to maintain
• Easy to edge with other materials for a neat and attractive finish to your driveway

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